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Minsk Brewing Company

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We produce 150 000 000 liters of beer and kvass per year

New products

We develop and release at least 4 new products per year, including innovations

We export than 50% of the total volume of Belorussian beer to various countries

Our values

Openness and honesty

We are constantly in touch with the public, so peoples believe us and proud of our achievements.


The world is changing rapidly, and we are learning new things and trying to achieve our goals.


A friendly team is our support. Only through joint efforts can we come to the best final result.


Customers, partners, state authorities – we value every client with whom we were lucky enough to work.

We have 800 employees in workshops, warehouses, head office and branches all over Belarus


We invite you to visit the brewery

We will show you all stages of beer production

We will tell you about beer styles

We will organize a professional tasting

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During 47 years of work, we have brewed more than 50 sorts of beer in various styles

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