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The world is changing, and we are improving with it, our views, tastes, preferences. In modern life, it is important to learn to appreciate the moment and not be afraid of new experiences. Our branded line has been produced for decades according to classical brewing standards. That is why many varieties of beer “Krynitsa” remain relevant today.

Krynitsa Classic

Light lager is distinguished by the golden color of the drink and a dense snow-white head of foam. It has a clean harmonious taste with a touch of caramel sweetness. Being a classic variety, it has a light hop bitterness and rich  aroma.

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Krynitsa Strong

It is strong beer with alcohol content higher than standard lager. It has a golden color, deep aroma and rich beer taste. It has pronounced hop notes of bitterness, ideal for the cold season.

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Light lager brewed from selected barley malt with the addition of bitter and aromatic varieties of  hops. The distinctive characteristic of this lager is a rich aroma and a tart flavor, passing into a pleasant aftertaste.

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