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Fermentation kvass prepared according to an old recipe. It is known and loved both in Belarus and abroad. In addition to traditional drinks, there is light fermented kvass “Starazhytny Bely” with taste of strawberry and mint. Customers immediately appreciated its aroma and quality characteristics. “Starazhytny” – it is what it should be!


Starazhytny Bely

It is refreshing fermented kvass with the taste of ripe strawberries and mint notes. For its preparation are used selected ingredients, which allows to get a wheat color and a pleasant mild taste.

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It is made from selected natural ingredients according to a time-tested recipe. It has a pronounced taste of rye bread with a slight sourness, characteristic of real fermented kvass.

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Starazhytny Bachkavy

Fermented kvass, created according to the original recipe using baking yeast. It has a rich sweet taste. It perfectly quenches thirst, tones and gives strength.

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