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Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage known to humankind. It is assumed that it entered our lives many millennia ago. Beer is produced by fermenting of wort. Beer wort consists of cereals, water and hops. There are various classifications for determining the types and varieties of beer. The most commonly used divides them into 2 types: lager and ale. The classical technology of beer production includes the following stages: obtaining malt from barley, preparation of wort, fermentation, processing of beer and filling of the product.

Krynitsa Classic

Light lager is distinguished by the golden color of the drink and a dense snow-white head of foam. It has a clean harmonious taste with a touch of caramel sweetness. Being a classic variety, it has a light hop bitterness and rich  aroma.

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Krynitsa Strong

It is strong beer with alcohol content higher than standard lager. It has a golden color, deep aroma and rich beer taste. It has pronounced hop notes of bitterness, ideal for the cold season.

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Light lager brewed from selected barley malt with the addition of bitter and aromatic varieties of  hops. The distinctive characteristic of this lager is a rich aroma and a tart flavor, passing into a pleasant aftertaste.

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We have revived the production technology of Zhigulevskoe beer according to the traditional recipe. Rich bitter taste, lush foam, golden color and persistent aroma are the most important characteristics of the variety, which is preferred by several generations of beer lovers.

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Zhigulevskoe Special

The most famous and popular variety since the USSR. Brewed according to the special recipe, which has passed the test of time and several generations of beer lovers. Light lager with a pleasant malt aroma and a soft bitterness.

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Pivnaya Karta. Sabro IPA

Unfiltered unclarified beer. It is made with the unique Sabro hop, which has a pronounced flavor characteristics, perfectly conveys aromas of mandarin, coconut, tropical and stone fruits, shades of cedar.

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Pivnaya Karta. АРА

The bitterness of beer and a juicy citrus bouquet with fruity notes are obtained thanks to three hop varieties: Hercules, Cascade, Citra. A mixture of barley, wheat and caramel malt gives the beer a honey-amber color.

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Pivnaya Karta. Porter 8/20

Baltic top-fermented ale is brewed from three kinds of barley malt: pale, caramel and burnt. The aroma of the ale is revealed by wine and caramel notes with a hint of to€ee, raisins and prunes.

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Stara Pivnice Svetle

Light beer brewed from natural ingredients: aromatic Saaz hops, selected malt and yeast for Czech beer. It has a warm golden color and soft taste, hop and fruit aroma.

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Stara Pivnice Cerne

Dark beer is produced according to the classic Czech technology using hops, caramel and burnt malt. It has an unforgettable chocolate flavor combined with mild bitterness and a light coffee aftertaste.

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Light wheat beer with a mild balanced taste and rich aftertaste. Unfiltered variety, in which the presence of yeast sediment is allowed. The beer has an intense spicy aroma, which is complemented by tart and sweet notes.

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