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Tips for beer lovers: how to turn an evening into a celebration!

Tasting a heady beverage is a true art! Beer should be consumed in a thoughtful and measured manner. So, with the right approach, an uncommon evening with a glass of beer can turn into a real ceremony.

We have prepared some tips thanks to which you can enjoy your favorite drink in the best bar tradition without leaving home!

1. Store it correctly

Keep your beer in a dark, cool place. In this way you can keep its unique flavors and reveal them when served.

2. Let the drink rest.

That’s right: beer, like all of us, needs a break sometimes! You shouldn’t drink it right after purchase – it needs a couple of hours to cool down to its optimal temperature and “settle down”.

3. Choose a glass.

Refrigerate the glass to the temperature of the drink. We recommend rinsing the glass with cool water before opening the beer. We wrote about what glassware to choose for your favorite beverage in a previous article.

4. Prepare the appetizers

Combine beer with food should be based on the similarity or contrast of flavors. For example, salads will make a harmonious pair with a light beer, to the malt beverage it is better to serve sweet dishes and to the hoppy and bitter – spicy. In addition, beer is an excellent to “cleanse the taste buds” after consuming fatty and spicy dishes.

5. Pour the drink intelligently

First, the beer should be poured into the glass at a 45° angle. When you’re halfway through your drink, straighten the glass and top off your drink. This way you get a moderately fizzy drink with a creamy foam.

6. Enjoy the moment

In order to appreciate the vibrant flavor and get the most out of your drink, you should drink it slowly, sipping from the glass and enjoying each sip.

The culture of drinking is a delicate matter! Following simple recommendations, you are guaranteed to enjoy both the process of preparation and from the very tasting of beer.

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