History of the Brewery


History of the Brewery
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We are the largest company in the national brewing industry

Beer is a truly unique beverage. The number of its admirers and amateurs is enormous. And for every one of them beer embodies special values. Recognizing that we do not just perform as brewers, but become like-minded with our consumers. Our venture is the largest venture of national brewing industry. It exists in constant dynamics, improves production methods and expands brand portfolio. We are a success both in premium and mainstream segments. Producing new products we develop the general idea of Belarusian brewing industry opportunities and meet various consumer`s demands. That is exactly why our target audience is so broad and our products are so popular.

Striving to satisfy the high consumer`s demands we sincerely wish to exceed their expectations. Everything we do we do it for consumers!

Production Tours
Production Tours
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This year we have already produced 100 830 109 liters of excellent beer

23rd International Exhibition PRODEXPO-2016 took place on February 8-12 in Moscow.
Krinitsa Brewery  presented its own products to the guests...

23 march

The football club Krumkachy was the main sensation of the Belarusian football championship in season 2015. It officially announced signing of the first...

30 december

Breweries "Krinitsa" is proud to announce the results of the high evaluation of its products in one of the most prestigious tasting competitions...

25 may

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