History of the Brewery


History of the Brewery
We are the largest company in the national brewing industry

OJSC Krinitsa is the largest brewery in beer industry in Belarus. Since 1975 we produce beer, kvass, non-alcoholic drinks and food concentrates. We export our beer and kvass to 15 countries on 4 continents. There are 10 beer brands in company’s portfolio among which there are Krynica, KULT, Pivnaya karta (Beer map), Porter 8/20, URBAN BEER, Zhigulevskoye osoboye, Stara Pivnice, Aleksandriya.

We possess the single bottling machine for cans in the country and therefore provide services of bottling in cans for macro breweries in Belarus. 19 private labels for both domestic and international retail chains are brewed at OJSC Krinitsa. Anadolu EFES licenses our company for production of Zolotaya Bochka (Golden Barrel) – the brand widely famous in Russia.

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Production Tours
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This year we have already produced 4 699 203 liters of excellent beer

December 22, on the eve of the New Year holidays, the brewing company Krynitsa introduced a new brand of the beer card - saturated Milk Irish STOUT.

17 january

On 18-19 of July the main brewers of the company KRINITSA (Nikolay Tsaryuk) and the restaurant-brewery "FRIENDS" (Alexander Zhda...

1 september

There is a legend among German brewers about a beer that can unite people.

31 august