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Let’s meet July with a new product – kvass “Starazhytny Bely with the taste of grapefruit”.

The long-awaited hot summer is the time for evening walks, outdoor recreation and outdoor activities. Of course, everyone is looking forward to it: adults and children alike! In the midst of the season the Minsk brewing company OJSC “Krinitsa” presents a novelty – kvass “Starazhytny Bely with the taste of grapefruit”. The drink is a product of natural fermentation and does not contain preservatives.

The rich aroma and bright taste of juicy grapefruit adds a light bitterness and delicate acidity to the classic white kvass. Refreshing drink perfectly quenches thirst, gives vivacity and strength during the holidays or after sport activities. The originality and unique taste of the new kvass will be appreciated by the whole family and your friends, because it blends harmoniously with various dishes of the summer menu, both at home and in the countryside.

Kvass “Starazhytny Bely with the taste of grapefruit” is available in a handy 1.4 liter bottle which will be suitable for the company of friends and for a family dinner.

You can try the new product today. Ask for kvass in our brand stores or look for it on the shelves of your city’s retail chains. Enjoy the taste of the unique kvass “Starazhytny Bely with the taste of grapefruit”! #AGAINSTTHIRTHT

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