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«Krynitsa Klasichnaye» – vozvrashcheniye lyubimoy klassiki

Mysterious, attractive, long-awaited – meet “Krynitsa Klasichnae” with a charming mermaid on the label!

Classic is always a reliable, time-tested choice. That is why Krynitsa is not just a Belarusian beer, one of many, but a real embodiment of folk traditions and the spirit of Belarusian culture.

The label design, unique for the Belarusian market, perfectly conveys this message and expresses the values ​​of the product: a beautiful girl living in water bodies, close to the common Slavic image of a mermaid, emphasizes the ancient secret of the nature of Belarus, creates a special mystical halo around the drink.

The taste of Krynitsa Klasichnae remains the same recognizable and beloved: the light lager is distinguished by the golden color of the drink, a dense snow-white head of foam, and rich aroma. Pure harmonious taste with moderate hop bitterness.

The drink is rightfully considered a favorite for all beer consumers!

Already in May, look for the long-awaited foamy drink in our company stores.

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