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Every beer style has its own glass

Before the advent of glassware, as a rule wood and clay were used as the material for beer mugs. It was with the advent of glass that the cultural revolution in beer drinking took place!
Thanks to its transparency tasters were able to evaluate the density, carbonation and color of the foamy drink. The plasticity of the material made it possible to experiment and create glasses of any shape.
Experienced connoisseurs of beer came to the following conclusion: the correctly chosen shape of a glass helps the sort of beer to reveal its flavor qualities better, contributes to the retention of flavors and even distribution of beer foam.
Today there are more than a dozen different kinds and shapes of glasses. We will tell you about the most practical and well-known of them.

The beer mug is one of the most popular glasses. It is incredibly durable, easy to use and holds a lot of beer. The main characteristic of the beer mug is the wide cylindrical shape with a handle. Thick walls insulate the foamy drink from the environment, and notches help you appreciate the color and clarity of the beer.

The pint is the most popular glass, slightly widening towards the top. Its practical shape and lightness have influenced its prevalence. Although the pint glass does not help to reveal flavor nuances, it is a versatile glass and is suitable for all styles.

The Weizen glass hails from Bavaria and is used, appropriately, for wheat beer. The wide, curved neck and narrow oblong shape reveal and maintain a high, lush foam, allowing you to appreciate the full flavor and aroma of the wheat beverage.

The snifter, thanks to its tapered shape at the top, allows you to hold and enhance the aroma of the hops during the sip. The glass fits well in your hand, thanks to which the beer heats up to the optimum temperature. Best suited for strong beers with high alcohol content.

Tulpan, like Snifter, has an expanding shape, but with a more elongated neck. The glass got its name because of its resemblance to a flower. This shape is ideal for preserving foam and capturing volatile substances. From the tulip is usually drank ale.

Pilsner glass – tall, refined, suitable for lager and pilsner. This glass best displays the distinctive characteristics of the style – beautiful color, carbonation, clarity and foam. The long shape is ideal for retaining the foam cap.

Friends, we’ve covered the basic types of beer glasses. Choose one that suits your favorite style – explore the taste of a foamy beverage in a new way! Enjoy the culture of drinking together with the beer of OJSC “Krynitsa”!

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