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Brewing Hops: Bitter or Flavored?

Hops are one of the main components of any beer style. It is he who is responsible for the bitterness, aromatics and taste of the foamy drink! In addition, hops are a real natural antiseptic. It disinfects the wort and extends the shelf life of the finished beer.

There are many varieties of hops that differ in their properties. Their characteristics depend on various parameters: the climate, the soil in which the hops grow, the amount of sun received, as well as the content of essential oils and acids. Therefore, knowing the country of origin of hops, one can predict its taste.

Today we will talk about the most famous and interesting varieties of hops – bitter Hercules and aromatic Saaz. Which one is better? What is more suitable for making beer?

Hercules is a fairly young hop. It was bred in 2005 in Germany by crossing the Hallertau Taurus variety and a male inflorescence of an unknown ecotype. Has spicy, floral & pine notes. Due to the high concentration of alpha acid, these hops impart intense bitterness to the finished frothy drink. As a rule, it is used for the production of ales (light, strong, Indian), stout, porter, bock. In the manufacture of the craft variety “Beer Card. ARA” we use it. Hercules endows the beer with a characteristic taste and bright aroma.

The famous Saaz hop, which changed the world of brewing, has a long and honorable history. The low content of alpha-acid classifies it as a subtly aromatic variety. To a greater extent, Saaz is used for the production of Czech pilsners and lagers. A foamy drink brewed using this variety of hops has a special aroma, pleasant shades in taste, and astringent bitterness. Beer Stara Pivnice Svetle, brewed in the best traditions of Czech brewing, has a delicate fruity aroma with herbaceous notes, as well as a mild aftertaste.

Now you can see that different varieties of hops are unique and unrepeatable. Knowing the features of each of them, you can accurately choose the beer that suits your preferences!

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