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Today, the company’s products are exported to 16 countries worldwide.

We provide beer filling services in aluminium cans, glass and PET bottles, and produce beer under licence from well-known brands.

Our export portfolio includes our own brands as well as beers specially brewed for other countries.

Distributors abroad


+3 7 069 82 85 08

Republic of Lithuania,Vilnius LT-02190, 2B Metalo str.

Mercus Agnieszka Soltysiak

8-10 48- 504040080

Republic of Poland, Ząbki, ul. Skorupki 13 A

SIA Mamas D

+371 27792175

22 Dzirnavu Street, Daugavpils, Latvia Tel.

SC "Consalcom" SRL Tel.

+373 229 20 913

+373 224 22 489

Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, Uzinelor str. 2

If you have any questions, you can contact our foreign trade department.

Например, +375 (29) 123-45-67

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