New Year gift from the company "Krinitsa" - a trip to Ireland with "Beer card.STOUT"

December 22, on the eve of the New Year holidays, the brewing company Krynitsa introduced a new brand of the beer card - saturated Milk Irish STOUT.

New product "Beer card. Stout »- this is a special kind of beer, cooked on the basis of four types of barley malt: coffee" ChateauCafe ", light, Munich and burnt. Stout will reward you with a rich velvety creamy flavor with the predominant notes of bitter coffee beans, dark chocolate, dried fruits (raisins and prunes) and hop bitterness.  

Alexander Kizhuk, General Director of JSC Krinitsa: For the New Year holidays, we decided to present a gift to beer lovers as a new product in the "Beer card" line and welded one of the most popular brands of dark beer - the stout, whose home Ireland is. The drink turned out to be rich and multifaceted. We are sure that "Beer card. Stout "will make cozy any winter evening and will give real pleasure to every connoisseur of beer.

The company "Krinitsa" congratulates everyone on the upcoming holidays and wishes that the 2018th will be a year of bright impressions and unforgettable travels together with the line "Beer card"!

The stout's pedigree begins with a porter, the prototype of which was first mentioned as a very strong beer in the manuscripts of a British count in 1677. Only in the early 18th century this variety crossed the Irish Sea and became famous in Ireland. Many brewers began to experiment with its fortress and recipe, strong versions of the porter were called "stout-porter" (that is, a strong porter). Over time, strong porters stood out in a separate style, behind which the name "stout" was fixed, in which the considerable merit of the famous brewer Arthur Guinness. At present, the stouts have a wide variety of taste and aroma and are cooked all over the world. And in Ireland this variety is very popular. 

Immediately dairy stout first appeared in the late 19th century in the British brewery "Mackeson". Due to the use of lactose in the production of this beer with special nutritional indices, English brewers have ensured that a special sign of health is placed on bottles with dairy stouts. They justified this by the fact that such a beer is useful, because lactose favorably affects the body, increases strength and energy and is even recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

Nikolay Tsaryuk, chief brewer of JSC Krinitsa: Today, Stout is a tight dark ale with thick creamy foam, a bitter taste with coffee-chocolate tones and an invigorating effect, you fall in love with it from the first sip. Our Milk Irish STOUT is welded in the style of "milk stout", which differs from the usual stout by the fact that during fermentation, non-fermentable sugars are added to it - lactose. Because of this Milk Irish STOUT differs slightly viscous consistency, sweet caramel flavor with a rich hint of dried fruit and coffee notes. Beer has a rich color of "polished bronze", its fermentation took place using high yeast at high temperature. In order to better feel the whole character of the drink, Stout should be drunk not too chilled.

"Beer card. Stout" has a truly multifaceted quality characteristics that can outshine even the taste of food, if it is incorrectly matched. An ideal addition to this beer will be a sweet dessert - this sort can be drunk with chocolate cakes or even with cream ice cream. Often this drink is savored without any additional dishes - it is good in itself. The line "Beer card" gives every consumer, even if it is not a beer gourmet, the opportunity to enjoy the taste of rare varieties from distant countries, without leaving the homeland. "Beer card" expands the horizon, reveals to everyone the multifaceted world of beer, collecting in itself a huge number of different varieties, except for standard lagers, and joins every connoisseur of beer to a club of beer enthusiasts.