Krinitsa Brewery and brand Kaltenberg: history of royal Bavarian beer in Belarus

On August 16, the Royal Bavarian reception was held in DIPSERVICE HALL with participation of His Royal Highness Prince Luitpold von Bayern, owner of the beer brand Kaltenberg.

At the event organized by the brewing company Krinitsa, the royal beer opened the second decade in its history on the Belarusian market. 

The result of the unique cooperation of the brewers of Western and Eastern Europe was presentation of two new beers – Kaltenberg Hefeweissbier (wheat unfiltered beer) and Kaltenberg Schlosskeller Naturtrub (barley unfiltered beer). 


The legendary Bavarian pilsener is brewed in Belarus under license at Krinitsa brewery from selected varieties of aromatic hops. Control over production of the elegant Kaltenberg beer belongs to the firm "König Ludwig International GmbH & Co. KG" in accordance with the Bavarian Beer Purity Law". 

The choice of Krinitsa brewery by German partners was an important step in development of the business in Eastern Europe. 

"Production of Kaltenberg beer in Belarus is the result of serious investments by Krinitsa in the brewing quality and technology. Our company regularly undergoes expert checks during which the production technology, quality of raw materials and products are assessed. All this confirms that large international corporations trust the experience and qualifications of our experts.  

The licensing requirements are very high, so the process of brewing premium beer in Belarus is not only prestige, but also a huge responsibility. We not only have to comply with the requirements of the license agreement, but also to prove every day to ourselves and our customers that we can brew ideal Bavarian Pilsner," said Alexander Kizhuk, General Manager of Krinitsa brewery.  

Traditional Bavarian brewing technologies were set up by the royal family more than 750 years ago. And now they are successfully continued by Prince Luitpold von Bayern and the German company König Ludwig International GmbH & Co. KG. 

"Together with our Belarusian partners, we formed loyalty to German beer brewed under license. Krinitsa became the first brewery in Belarus to receive such a license. König Ludwig International GmbH & Co. KG believes that thanks to modern equipment and excellent brewing skills, the company managed to offer authentical royal Bavarian beer that meets all the requirements of HRH Prince Luitpold of Bayern.