By the 950th anniversary of the capital, Krinitsa Brewery has launched a limited edition of beer 'The Legends of Mensk'.

On June 27, a presentation of Krinitsa Premium limited beer series named "The Legends of Mensk" was held. On the occasion of the capital jubilee, the can design was temporarily changed.

On the packaging, the legends appeared in the form of three graphic images. The event was held in the "Krasny Dvorik", the participants were Minsk residents who make the present and future of the city better already now with their own hands.1 In honor of Minsk jubilee, Krinitsa has developed a non-standard custom beer package "Krinitsa Premium" (the variety is brewed according to the traditional recipe with long maturation process). The company believes that the future is built on history. That is why, absorbing all the most interesting modern trends in the city life, the brewery does not forget about the past. 


"The Legends of Mensk" – these are three packages with the most famous Minsk legends: about Menesk – the founder of Mensk ("Stone Milles of Menesk"), White Lady Yadviga Lyubanskaya ("Secrets of Loshytsa Manor") and the ghost of the mayor in the City Hall ("The Ghost of the local City Hall"). Each of the legends can be read on the can. Their texts create the feeling that stories are told by one of the city people.

Denis Serebryakov developed the packaging design concept. For each of the legends, unique graphic images and a specially designed font were created, which combined the graphics and content of the stories. All this gives the impression of the material evidence of the past. 

"We have always been interested in the history of our city, in the process of its development," says Alexander Kizhuk, General Manager of Krinitsa. - So we wanted to give a compliment to the city. We are sure that legends are important to every city. The stories that are passed from mouth to mouth and create special and unique charm. Modern Minsk develops rapidly. And it is important that the citizens themselves, who do not passively wait for changes, but actively demonstrate themselves in city life, put their hand to this. " 


The presentation of "The Legends of Mensk" was held in the city heart – full of history cozy "Krasny Dvorik" on the Revolutionary Street, which was called like this by the city people. It is now one of the centers of the capital cultural life. There are concerts, fashion shows, dancing evenings, etc. there. 

Within the framework of the presentation there was a talk show with participation of Yuri Taubkin (architect, artist and co-organizer of Minsk Design Week), Zakhar Dudinsky (art manager of the "Jazz Evenings at the City Hall" 2013-2016 and many other major cultural events) and Ilya Prokhorov (co-owner of the craft bakery Brø Bakery). All of them are city people who make Minsk better, more interesting and attractive. Within the framework of the presentation in the "Krasny Dvorik" in the open air, the exhibition of photographer Pavel Potashnikov about Minsk was shown from a bird's eye view during sunsets, dawns, night and day. 

Like most conscious citizens, Krinitsa Brewery reflects on the past of its city, and actively creates its present and future. The brewery aspires to be not only involved in important city changes, but also to be their initiator, to create information reasons, to raise important issues for the capital, to promote development of the city and to change positively with it. From year to year, Minsk is getting better for city people and more attractive for tourists, not without participation of active Minskers, who create their own unusual businesses, interesting cultural events, and socially important projects.