Brewers of Krinitsa brewery have recreated German quality in beer Brauberg

There is a legend among German brewers about a beer that can unite people.

There is a legend among German brewers about a beer that can unite people. The dream of creating an ideal soulful drink goes from generation to generation and has already become a part of history. Many people try to create a recipe for an excellent beer, and the idea of a new drink went around the whole world and has become international. 


Specialists in China, America, Europe and Asia try to brew delicious beer according to German technologies. As a result of experiments, new varieties are created which have many fans, but they can hardly be called truly soulful. 

Brewers of Krinitsa Brewery work many years with German technologies and colleagues from Germany. And they are also fascinated by the dream of beer, which will appeal to many and unite people. But can such German beer be born outside of Germany? Certainly! 

Brewers of Krinitsa Brewery have created high-quality light beer Brauberg according to German technologies with pleasant taste, 4.3% of alcohol, exquisite hop bitterness, 11% original gravity and the ability to gather friends in any weather. 

A new variety of refreshing beer Brauberg is a good reason to meet at a noisy get-together on a picnic or at home. The masters of Krinitsa managed to combine pleasant taste, German quality of brewing and affordable price in Brauberg. 


Like all incredible things in our life, Brauberg beer was born thanks to love of Krinitsa’s masters to their work. They really wanted to make the world simpler, but people closer. The Belarusian brewers have been lingeringly looking for that recipe, for which masters all over the world dream for centuries. 

As a result, the beer has been produced – light and refreshing, German and at the same time close to everyone, wherever they live. The tasters called this beer truly soulful, able to bring people together, and to become soul of a company. This is really the variety that many people like. With Brauberg, dreams of soulful beer come true. See for yourself.