A new sort of the line "Beer card" - a refreshing CARTE BLANCHE

On 18-19 of July the main brewers of the company KRINITSA (Nikolay Tsaryuk) and the restaurant-brewery "FRIENDS" (Alexander Zhdanovich) united for cooking a new white wheat beer in the line "BEER CARD» - «CARTE BLANCHE».

The experience of cooperation with the craft brewery has become, of course, worthwhile and useful for both sides, and the result of our collaboration is sure to please even the finicky connoisseurs of excellent beer. In addition, we continue to show that we are not afraid of experiments and will continue to please consumers with interesting novelties. CARTE BLANCHE: - Alexander Kizhuk, General Director of JSC Krinitsa.  


The technology of cooking white (from French - blanche) wheat beer was mastered in Belgium. After the blanche almost disappeared, superseded by new fashionable beers, the local farmer Pierre Celis decided in the 1970s to give a "second life" to the traditional Belgian ale. The production was developing successfully, and the Pierre’s brand was bought by the beer giant, and he moved and continued the revival of the white wheat drink already in America.  

The technology of production of Belgian blanche appeared in the 18th century. In the production of wheat beer was used 40% of wheat for special varieties. During the cooking, to add flavor and aroma, add bitter orange and a compulsory ingredient, coriander (it was possible to add cumin, cinnamon or other fragrant herbs). The fermentation process ended already in a bottle or keg, which took extra time, and, thanks to this, the beer was heavily carbonized. As a result, it turned out a cloudy straw beer with a sour citrus aroma, recognizable notes of coriander and a spicy unobtrusive taste. And the "cherry" of this cake is a high cap of uniform cream foam, which did not disappear when drinking: - Nikolay Tsaryuk, the chief brewer of JSC Krinitsa. 

Blanche is used in many dressings, sauces, soups, meat dishes and even desserts. Traditional Belgian dishes are served in a beer-based sauce with celery and garlic. As a snack for Blanche the best are traditional cheeses and poultry meat.