The new product - the new "Krynica"

 Brewing Company "Krinitsa" has presented a new flagship line of products and the rebranding of the company, which is dedicated to restart "Belarus without Borders" project at the Country Club "Riviera" (near Minsk) June 23, 2016. On the roof next to the Minsk Sea, in an environment that is not limited no formalities, no walls, the guests got acquainted with the new flagship line, and a new way of company group "Without ticket" sang their songs accompanied by the Big Band Honored collective of the Presidential Orchestra of Belarus conducted by Victor Babarykin. The largest brewer in the country has got a new look and changed the recipe of its flagship line. It is composed of 4 varieties: "Svetlae" and "Motsnae" recipe has been completely revised, and new items - grade "Premіum" and "Dark".


When selecting varieties varied temperature and pause when mashing, fermentation temperature is changed. Selected modes mashing and fermentation of the wort, have given excellent results in the organoleptic and physico-chemical indicators of the finished product. Velvet and lager "Krynica Dark" brewed with caramel and roasted malt, which give the drink a rich flavor, rich dark color. The bright line varieties used for new businesses hop variety. Now for the taste and aroma of light beer "Krynica" meets the noble, with citrus and berry notes, "Traditional" hops. taste remains unchanged grade "Krynica motsnae" - a very popular variety with their consumer audience.


The packaging of the new "Krynіca" two-face - and this is no accident. The new product is always turned face to the customer and communicate in three languages: Russian habitual, native Belarus, cosmopolitan English. The composition of each variety in the line "Krynica" put to the front side, so that the customer always knows exactly what is under the hood.

"The concept of" Krynica "Without Borders" was not chosen by chance. As the product and the company "Krynica" represents Belarus in the 15 countries of the world, which means that, to some extent, the company is the "ambassador" of Belarus in different regions. This is a great responsibility, which we try to bear with dignity. To do this, we need to implement in the product that is best in the Belarusians. The basis of the updated "Krynіtsy" laid open, friendly, modern, cosmopolitan. We believe that these properties are inherent to the Belarusians to the full. The modern consumer is looking for a brand that understands it and shares its values, the company, which is a dialogue. Such a company we strive to be. Over the last year we actively listen to what the market dictates what people tell us. Tried to adequately respond to the criticism and learn from their mistakes, "- said Alexander Kizhuk.


Rebranding touched not only the flagship of the company. all "Krynica" Today changes. With the arrival in 2014 of a new leadership and a new team began a long optimization process by which, inter alia, have been published interesting, unusual for our products to market. The financial situation of the company improved. Rebranding preparing for about two years and its result - the new "Krynica" - is already on store shelves.

The concept of "Without Borders" represents a joint project of the updated "Krynіca" and communications agency NEF \ TBWA. The project was created site where anyone Belarusians living abroad can share their story and reveal the portal in the country. The project has already registered 45 ambassadors - Belarusians, scattered around the globe.

They share their unique stories from traveling "savage on Mexico" to a special photo project on indigenous peoples of New Zealand. "We believe that the project will grow and become comfortable, interesting and necessary platform for communication without borders", - said director of communications agency NEF / TBWA Oleg Romanov.

In support of the new brand concept and the project "Belarus without Borders", "Krynica" with the group "Without ticket" itelekanalom ONT organized a trip around the world whose main objective was to find out what it means to "be a Belarusian." On the idea of ​​travel has inspired the creators of the song group "Without ticket" "Location - the planet Earth." As part of the tour group members visited six countries: Russia, Chile, Egypt, Peru, the United States and Brazil, where they met with our countrymen, and with them have confirmed the ability of Belarusians to help, to listen, hear and act.

The project "Belarus without Borders" is always open for new ambassadors. You can join him on the social networks Facebook ( and FaceBook (, as well as Youtube-channel ( .com / channel / UC1v-ysuMm90qew7ICEl0oRg), and since the beginning of June was launched the project site, built on a unique content created by the users themselves. One of them can be you - come on and tell their stories about distant countries and how Belarusians live there.