Brewery Krinitsa presented "Beer map" - a joint project with beer community

 Biergarten bar-restaurant Friends brewery Krinitsa presented its new product, created in collaboration with home brewers and authors regularly writing about beer before the start of the beer festival CraftDays August 18. The "Beer map" - limited range of parties unusual for Belarus beers, the first of which was the American Pale Ale brand. Also known as APA or American pale ale, it is one of the most popular varieties, born during the "kraft revolution" unfolding in the United States since the end of the seventies of the XX century. It is this event we owe the modern interest in the non-standard varieties and experiment with ingredients.


American Pale Ale - light beer is fermented, characterized especially rich hop aroma that combines citrus, floral and spicy tones, as well as increased bitterness and astringent aftertaste.

General director of brewery "Kryniсa" Kizhuk Alexander said: "The launch of a new product, we want to contribute to the diversity of the beer market in the country and the development of a culture of drinking. For the formation of this line it is very important to us consumers' opinion about the new product. 1-2 times a year we will be releasing a new variety of a limited batch. Especially loved by consumers styles will be produced repeadetly. This way, the consumer has a chance to vote for the product. "


"Beer map" - a map of sorts, which is closely associated with the history of the origin of each of them. Each package is marked historical homeland varieties. This beer is certainly appeal to those who are usually looking for a bar on a journey to try something new. Now it's available and at home.

This project aims to give consumers the opportunity to experience something unusual at an affordable price. Beer from "Krinitsa" can be found on the shelves of a supermarket near the house on a pleasant (with respect to imported products) price - about 2 rubles.

Lubov Rebyatnikova, head brewer of "Krinitsa": "This beer - really our experiment. Many thanks to our critics and assistants in the project, it is with their help, we groped direction. Cooking APA at the production facilities of our plant require considerable "sleight of hand". We should modern German equipment, which does not provide for the possibility of dry hopping, since it is unusual for the German brewing. We have devised a way to spend it in our environment, many times we customized and adjusted the recipe, which is targeted at small breweries (which, by the way, can add hops in beer fermentation). We know that we still have room to grow, but we are glad we went to this experiment. "

The new variety has demanded not only the technical and technological adaptation. For it has been used by more than 2.5 times more hops than other "Krinitsa" products.

Alex Leith, pivoved, author of the blog "Diary of intoxicating partisan" "beginning of the experiment in the fall of 2015, when" Krinitsa "approached us with a proposal to participate in the development of the new line, which would introduce the Belarusian consumers with real beer variety, show how beer It may be different and delicious. We met regularly at work, defined taste profile that we want to see in the end, tried a different set of hop varieties. Anton Bond, winner of the Lithuanian competition homebrew «AludariųTaurė» in 2015, even came to the production and together with technologists plant did a test brew on their equipment. Of course, along with his comrades, we tried a final beer at different stages of maturation. The results showed quite decent and quite interesting, not all, of course, has gone as planned, but it is absolutely normal, because the beer - it is a living product with his disposition and character, so it will be interesting to hear the comments of beer-lovers colleagues that the leadership "Krinitsa "promised to take into account when developing these varieties in the line"Beer map", because one of the objectives of the project can be called the establishment of a feedback between consumers and producers."

Shipments of the new product started in the presentation day. The novelty will appear on store shelves next week.