Brewery "Krinitsa" started brewing under license EFES Turkish plant

Brewery "Krinitsa" presented the results of cooperation with the Turkish company Anadolu EFES (6 th in terms of the implementation of the European market and the 11th in the world) at 13 July. Thanks to the partnership between the two companies on the Belarusian market will be 3 kinds of locally made beers "Golden Barrel" bright, GoldMineBeer and GreenBeer.

At the end of 2015 "Krinitsa" has announced the signing of a contract with the Turkish company Anadolu EFES, actively promote the neighboring markets (Russia and Ukraine), but was not present in Belarus. Since signing up to the release of the first parties took six months. During this time the company "Krinitsa" has passed a series of audits, during which representatives of EFES Company evaluated the production technology, the quality of raw materials and manufactured products.

Belarus is strategically important market for our company. The contract with the "Krinitsa" brewery EFES will strengthen its market position. We believe in the potential of the brand and choose to cooperate only key players from various spheres of business. We are convinced that we can make our customers a product created and diffused directly in Minsk, which means keeping the best features microbrews "- says Serkan Tümer, business development manager of the company Anadolu EFES, flew to Minsk specifically for the presentation.

We have already had experience of working under the license, and each time a license agreement entails a lot of checks, each of which - a test for the company. And the fact that we dealt with them, and we entrusted the production of the company with a worldwide reputation - certainly an honor for us ", - said at the presentation of Alexander Kizhuk.

Beer "Zolotaya Bochka" has been created for the first time in 1999. The basis of this brewing recipes put the natural, the natural fermentation method without the use of enzymatic preparations for accelerating the flow of the production process. When cooking beer "Золотая бочка" is used two types of hops, one is added to the beginning of the cook - for a pleasant bitterness of beer, and the second at the end of cooking - for rich flavor.

Beer "Zolotaya Bochka" light will be on sale in stores nationwide in glass bottles, aluminum cans and 0.5 liter in volume by the glass. GoldMineBeer GreenBeer and will hit the shelves only in plastic bottles volume of 2L.