Brewery "Krinitsa" is Kult Lager

KULT Lager - a new product in the familiar line you. It is the finishing touch to the collection, and the first grade, not cooked on a wheat and a traditional barley malt. New KULT - is a balanced and elegant classic Bavarian lager. We want to KULT line was not just a collection of wheat beer, but that it is the standard of cleanliness and quality, which are capable of our kompaniya.My serious about the naturalness of our products, so the current updates to the factory you will not find any artificial enhancers color, odor or taste.

Adding to the line of the classic varieties of wheat lager, we are confident that our promise to reach a large number of people who are just like us, share tsennostnastoyaschego beer. Now KULT lineup can find a beer for any occasion and situation.

The advertising campaign this year will be a logical continuation of last year's communication, when we remembered cult things and events, istoriikotoryh warm. But the cult objects do not arise by themselves. For each thing is a cult of its founder.

We invite you to channel the energy, not only in the search for religious things, but also to create new ones. Perhaps one day it is this day will go down in history. Following this call, we present a new type of beer in the new color. Time to create KULT.