Two Star Superior Taste Award for Czech beer made by "Krinitsa"

Breweries "Krinitsa" is proud to announce the results of the high evaluation of its products in one of the most prestigious tasting competitions - Superior Taste Award. This competition is held annually by the International Taste and Quality Institute iTQi (Brussels, Belgium) - known organization for expert evaluation and certification of food products and beverages excellent flavor from around the world. And for the third year in a row 120 top sommeliers and chefs say beer brewed at the "Krinitsa". At this time prizes were awarded both types «Stara Pivnice» - Svetle and Cerne, received two stars and evaluation «Remarkable».

«Stara Pivnice» - special product. This is a real Pilsner, cooked only from natural ingredients that are delivered directly from the Czech Republic. Among them - the famous Žatec hops, which gives the famous Czech beer bitterness and a pleasant aroma. «Stara Pivnice Svetle» embodies the best qualities of Czech Pilsner type. As part - soft water, barley malt and hops. It presents a combination of «Stara Pivnice» warm golden color and harmonious taste with delicate hoppy and fruity aroma and a pleasant bitterness, turning into a soft aftertaste. «Stara Pivnice Cerne» - with the taste of the drink cold coffee and the characteristic coffee aroma. To achieve this effect using caramel and burnt malt Czech.

Products brewer "Krinitsa" every year receive high marks from experts Superior Taste Award, but more importantly, that they are dearly loved by customers.