Products Belarusian brewing company "Krynica" received a lot of positive feedback on the exhibition in Berlin

The company "Krynica" took part in the world's largest forum of achievements in the field of agriculture, food production and horticulture "Green Week 2015", which took place in Berlin from 16 to 25 January 2015.
At the exhibition the company introduced all produced beers, including a full range of brand "Krynitsa" wheat beer "KULT", sort of light beer "Alexandria" and "URBAN BEER". Also presented were produced by a German license beer "Kaltenberg Pils", and such brands as "Stara Pivnice Cer ne" and "Stara Pivnice Svetle" - dark and light beers, brewed by the classical Czech technology.

"In the process of tasting the Berlin exhibition visitors appreciated the taste and quality of the beers produced by the Belarusian brewery" Krynica "that, given the strict German brewing traditions, of course, once again profitable and distinctive taste and underlines the high quality features of our products," - noted in the management of marketing and advertising of "Krynica".

Thus, according to the majority taste beer, variety "Kryn i ca i chnae class' most consistent with traditional German camps, which are popular among beer lovers in Germany. Good and high ratings received and all other representatives of the product line Krynica.

"In addition to samples of known traditional varieties of beer, we presented the international consumer evaluation of kvass" Summer 988 ", because in Germany brew - an unconventional product on the market, and we are very pleased that our product has caused a great deal of interest. Currently, the company has set itself the aim of his promotion to the German market, where there are already agreements on cooperation "- also noted in the management of foreign economic activity of JSC" Krynica ".

"International Green Week in Berlin" - the only one of its kind international exhibition of achievements of the food industry, agriculture, horticulture and food production. The exhibition presents the whole spectrum of several industries, from tea to wine and spirits products, meat and sausages to seafood, fruits and vegetables. The exhibition has a rich history, and this year it is the Jubilee, the 80th in a row. There have traditionally demonstrated food products, timber and wood processing industry, agriculture and landscape gardening, technology, breeding livestock and poultry. Participation in the 80th International exhibition "Green Week" took companies from about 70 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania.

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