"Krynitsa" - the ten most expensive Belarusian brands

Brand "Krynitsa" entered the Top-10 of Belarusian brands, occupying 6 line annual ranking of the cost of "BelBrand 2015". This study is conducted by an independent agency Ukrainian MPP Consulting (Kiev) in 17 countries around the world. Presented rating ranks the 100 most valuable brands, which have been created in Belarus and produce goods for the domestic market.
 "Krynitsa" - the largest brewery in Belarus. Experts estimate the total market value of the brand is 47.7 million. US dollars.
The Company does not knowingly marked among the most attractive in the Belarusian market. Following the tradition, the company constantly improve brewers drink recipes and expand its product range. After global reconstruction of the plant in 2010 process moved to the next level and continues to improve. The company introduced the international quality standards of beer.
 The company's products "Krynitsa" award-winning international competitions brewing gets top marks from experts and, most importantly, beloved both in Belarus and abroad.