Krinitsa brewery became the title sponsor of a football club Krumkachy.

The football club Krumkachy was the main sensation of the Belarusian football championship in season 2015. It officially announced signing of the first sponsorship contract with Krinitsa brewery, which became the title sponsor of the club.
The football club Krumkachy is a team which attracts attention today not only of football fans but also those who are far from the sport in general.

Krumkachy is a popular team that appeared to show the football with a human face, to engender the intrigue in the championship and to make the sport as attractive as it is worldwide. The team broke into the Major League of Belarus championship all in the second year of the club existence. The history of its creation and development is a great plot for a Hollywood movie about the "Cinderella of sport." Without any government subsidies or support from the business, the club entered in the Major League where it is going to challenge the undoubted favorites, and at the same time to set a new level of cheering for a team, to attract families with children to a stadium, and to create a community around football to be involved in the club life. Alexander Kizhuk, General Director of Open JSC Krinitsa, said, "For the brewery, signing of this three-year contract with FC Krumkachy is an important event. We do not hide our pride in the fact that it was we who managed to become the title sponsor of the club. Krinitsa and Krumkachy are approximately at the same stages of development, we both already have a success story, and so much for us remains to be done. We have ambitious plans, and no doubt that together we will implement them. When we made the decision on this partnership, we were able to see the spirit of Krumkachy that correlated with the spirit of our company. It's nice that signing of the agreement comes on the eve of the New Year, which means that we have the opportunity to congratulate the fans of the club and to wish them and all of us new victories in the coming year." Denis Shunto, Chairman of the Board of the Football Club Krumkachy, said, "Signing of this contract is a historic event not only for our club and for Krinitsa brewery but for the whole Belarusian football and sport in general. Krumkachy and Krinitsa set a new pace of development of our sport and society. This is an excellent example of how mutually beneficially Belarusian sport and Belarusian business can interact. This is an example of how gradually and step by step you can build the future. We broke into the Major League and set only the highest goals, the same as our title sponsor Krinitsa brewery." At the end of the press conference, Denis Shunto congratulated the fans and wished the competitors an interesting championship. "I want to appeal to our colleagues – the clubs representatives of the Major League. Krumkachy will play an honest and sincere football. We hope that together we will make every match of the Championship of Belarus important not only for football functionaries but also for every Belarusian. Wishing you an interesting championship! I hope that you will remember this season for a long time. Particularly I want to appeal to all Belarusians: we play for you. The Belarusian football has no future without your attention to us, without creating fashion to visit home and away matches with the whole family. Let us make our lives happier together. Good luck in the New Year! Follow the news from us – at the beginning of 2016, we will announce the crowdfunding campaign, and every one of you personally can make contribution to the development of this people's team. People’s one without the quotation marks."