Company Krynitsa held a presentation of its products in the framework of the Belarusian-Chinese interregional business forum

May 11 in Minsk, hotel "Beijing" was the first Belarusian-Chinese interregional business forum. The event was attended by heads of state, business leaders, government agencies, ministries and departments of Belarus and China.
 The forum, which, incidentally, was attended by over 450 people, a presentation of the best Belarusian products. One of the most striking stands at the exhibition-tasting was the stand of "Krynitsa". Business guests appreciate the taste of kvass pm "Leto 988" and drinking water "Alexandria", the production plant.  

Representatives of the company " Krynitsa " not by chance have been invited to participate in this large-scale international event. Since 2014, the company is working closely with China. So, for 18 months "Suyfenheskoy economic and trade limited liability company" San Shentsyuan "provided exclusive rights to trade in products of "Krynitsa"on the territory of the People's Republic of China. Over the past year, China exported 2747.20  decaliters of beer and 3313.80   decaliters of kvass. Residents of Heilongjiang, Suyfenhe, which are carried out and the main supply of products, especially high  evaluate the quality and taste of kvass "Leto 988" and "Starazhytny" - these drinks are very popular in this region.