Rules for understanding the information on the beer label
Every beer style has its own glass
Information on the formation of the register of shareholders
August 1, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Krynitsa Open Joint-Stock Company will be held
Foodpairing: what dishes and craft brews  "Beer list" would be the perfect pairing?
Meet July with a new product - kvass "Starazhytny Bela with Grapefruit Tastes" # AGAINSTTHIRST
Ale and lager - what's the difference?
Session Blond Ale is a sun-filled beer!
Beer body - an important characteristic of a hoppy drink
Unique and unrepeatable: light beer "KULT" Weissbier comes from Bavaria

Light beer from the Minsk brewing company JSC "Krinitsa" "KULT wheat unfiltered" - a famous variety originally from Bavaria. What is it, a traditional weissbier brewed in the best traditions of German brewing?

«Krynitsa Klasichnaye» - vozvrashcheniye lyubimoy klassiki

Mysterious, attractive, long-awaited - meet "Krynitsa Klasichnae" with a charming mermaid on the label!

Employees of the Minsk Brewing Company JSC "Krinitsa" took part in the republican subbotnik
Forum of working youth from NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union"
With new kvass!

We celebrate the holidays with real fermented kvass "Minskiy". An original gift was prepared for the anniversary of the Partizansky district and the 955th anniversary of the capital by a team of professionals from the Minsk brewing company ...

Minsk brewing company OJSC "Krinitsa" invites you to a tasting of Hard Zelter Vedzma in the brand stores!