The goal of the enterprise:

To assure the leading position in the republican market, basing on the high quality of the products, moderate prices, appealing package and the ability to fulfill consumers' requirements

Corporate goals

  1. To gain customer's loyalty.

    To provide high quality products, services and solutions, as well as to improve customer servicing, in order to gain respect and loyalty.

  2. To increase income.

    To reach income level sufficient for financing the growth of our company; to assure profitability of our shareholders' investment and to provide resources required for solving other problems.

  3. To hold the leading position.

    To develop by constant supply of useful and necessary products, services and solutions to already tapped markets, as well as by gaining access to new markets, basing on our technologies, competences and client preferences.

  4. To ensure growth.

    To consider changes in the market as possibility for growth; to use our income and the ability for development and production of innovative products, services and decisions that satisfy rising customer's demands.

  5. To provide social welfare.

    To help employees share company\'s achievements that have become possible thanks to their contribution. To provide employees with the possibility of self-development. Basing on the results of their activity, to create safe and attractive working environment, where individuality and personal contribution are valued. To help employees get satisfaction of their work.

  6. To develop leadership.

    To train leaders at every managerial level, who will be responsible for achieving results in business and who will be the exemplar of the person that follows company\'s value guides.

  7. To bring up the citizen.

    To be a good citizen means to be good at business. We adhere to our commitments to the Society to be economical, intellectual and social assets of our country and society.