International Standards

At JSC "Krinitsa" in place and are constantly evolving and improving software quality, food safety, environmental protection, safety production of beer: the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 - certificate № BY/112 05.01.003 0065 8 is valid until 28.02. 15g, STB 1470-2004 (HACCP) - certificate № BY/112 05.02.003 0025 9 Expires 29.03.16g., STB 18001-2009 - Certificate № BY/112 05.04.003 0049 3 valid until 29.12.13g, STB ISO 14001 - 2005 - certificate № BY/112 06.01.003 0023 8 valid until 30.12.13g. 

Implemented in the company international quality beer production. 

Statutory requirements on water quality beer, malt, wort, "green" beer, finished products have a wide range of indicators and more stringent standards. Embedded standards are based on best practices (Good Practices) the world's leading brewers. In assessing compliance with these requirements are used according to the methods of control techniques Analytica - EBC European Brewery Convention (European Brewery Convention) and the Central European Commission's analysis of the products of the brewing industry (MEVAK).
Also introduced a system of evaluation of the production units (KPI) on the main indicators of quality products.
Great value at the moment given the sensory quality control of beer. Planned to carry out the necessary training for the tasting panel and sensory evaluation of raw materials and products at all stages of production.
Planned system audits main suppliers for compliance with the quality of incoming raw materials, requirements to JSC "Krinitsa".